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Vintage and Teardrop Trailer Plans on CD

Are you planning on building your own Teardrop or Vintage Trailer? Well I was and I found that it was really hard to find all of the right information.

I even bought several of those $50 to $100 Teardrop plans sets and was really disappointed with them. They didnít even include a real set of blueprints. Thatís when I started doing research and found alot of information from old 1936 thru 1950 magazines. It was a great starting point and all I had to do was adapt some new materials, get a little help from a local RV center on the electrical and a Teardrop was born.

I found that there are lots of people looking to build their own Teardrop or Vintage trailer. So, I compiled all of the information I found, including a real set of blueprints for a 1937 Teardrop trailer, into one CD.


This Teardrop Trailer CD includes:

1947 Mechanics Illustrated -Trailer for Two - med and hi res
Jim Dandy Cabin Cruiser Plans set - Jim Dandy 1935
Outdoorsman Plans Dec.1936 /Jan.37 Outdoor Life
Honeymoon House Trailer - Popular Home Craft 1939
Camp Trailer - Mechanics Illustrated 1956-1961
Modern Gypsies 1936
Runlite - Modern Mechanics 1938
Lil Guy - Mechanics Illustrated 1951
Wild Goose - Popular Mechanics 1953
Build a Teardrop Sleeper Trailer for $50 - Mechanics and Handicraft
1936 Wander Pup - Popular Home Craft 1951
Wanderbug - Popular Science March-April 1945



Teardrop Tuckaway Camper Cabana Plans (tent addition for all teardrops) 1966

Trail Scout 6' x 12' Stand Up Teardrop Trailer Science and Mechanics October, December 1947

all articles and Plans are in .PDF format and Adobe PDF 6.0 Reader is included



How to Build Trailers Book
1937 Modern Mechanix 130 pages

Runlite Trailer
Tourabout Trailer
Wanderer Trailer
Cruisemite Trailer
Collapsible Trailer
Aloha Trailer
All-Purpose Trailer
Bungalow Trailer
Cabinette Trailer
and special features like:
Build a Trailer Barge that converts a trailer into a houseboat
A Windpower Trailer Lighting Plant
Fitting Your Trailer's Interior
and more...

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The 1947 Trailer for Two

The Wild Goose!

The Midget Trailer

The 1936 Sleeper Trailer

The Jim Dandy Cabin Cruiser Model C Plan Set

The 1945 Wanderbug!

The 1936 -1937 Outdoorsman Plans

And Many More Trailer Plans...

Teardrop and Vintage Trailer Plans CD

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